THROUGH THE WARDROBE: How C. S. Lewis Created Narnia
2020 - Published by Balzer + Bray / HarperCollins
Picture Book Biography / Ages 4+
As a child, Clive Staples Lewis imagined many things...
heroic animals
and knights in armor
and a faraway land called Boxen.
He even thought of a new name for himself - at four years old, he decided he was more of a Jack.
As he grew up, though, Jack found that the real world was not as just as the one in his imagination. No magic could heal the sick or stop a war, and a bully's words could pierce as sharply as a sword. So Jack withdrew into books and eventually became a well-known author for adults.
But he never forgot the epic tales of his boyhood, and one day a young girl's question about an old family wardrobe inspired him to write a children's story about a world hidden beyond its fur coats...a world of fauns and queens and a lion named Aslan. A world of battles between good and evil, where people learned courage and love and forgiveness. A magical realm called Narnia.

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